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Top 5 New Climbing Gear in 2018

They say that a boring day in the mountains is worth far much better than a perfect day in the office. Well, this phrase is dependent on some key aspects that one needs to take into consideration before they go climbing.

A climbing gear is the most important thing to any climbing expedition. If you go out to the mountains with the wrong gear be sure you will experience the worst day(s) of your life. We will unravel the top five climbing gear that 2018 has to offer.

Fifth – Force Hoody from Outdoor Research

Force Hoody from Outdoor Research The modern-day climbers are very sensitive to style while at the same time mind their comfort and the durability of their gear. Outdoor Research is cognizant of this and has produced the perfect hoody for the modern day climbers. This hoody is made of cotton to give the climbers the comfort and the warmth they really desire. It is also made of Cordura nylon and spandex which are responsible for elasticity/stretch during the climbing.

Fifth Force Hoody has drop-in pockets which take care of your hands when it's cold. The hood is adjustable and the stitching around the hoody gives it an amazing appearance.

Black Diamond Vision Harness

Black Diamond Vision Harness Black Diamond has developed one of the best harnesses a climber will ever come across. The manufacturer put into consideration the packaging of the gear while minding the functionality of the same.

Vision Harness is the lightest yet fully functional harness gear that Black Diamond has ever built. The motivation behind the design is ultimate performance enhanced by li ghtness.

La Sportiva genius – Unisex Climbing shoes

La Sportiva genius A rock climbing shoe is also a very important gear during climbing expeditions. La Sportiva genius climbing shoes have been manufactured using advanced materials with a view to providing comfort and perfect performance. The manufacturer combined Laspoflex midsole and P3 technology with an aim of ensuring that the climber is secure even when the shoe is not worn tightly.

The shoe uses a No-Edge technology which ensures that the foot is in close contact with the surface of the rock. This ensures that even with the slightest holds, the climber is able to push. The upper side of the shoe is made of suedeleather allowing for comfort and great performance.

Beal Escaper

Beal Escaper This product gives you an opportunity to rappel a complete rope length and at the same time retrieve the rope from the anchor/ after the rappel. The kit consists of a Dyneema wrapping system which is usually pre-sewn and a rope (short blue strand). It has a weight of 90g and has a strength of 18 kN.

When you are performing a rappel using a half ropes and one of the ropes get compromised, Beal Escaper allows to pair up with the good rope which in turn helps you to perform a full-length rappel.

Antidote II from Edelweiss

Antidote II from Edelweiss

Antidote II has been built to provide comfort more precisely during belays (hanging). It is designed with wide loops for the legs and a wide waist area. It has two metallicbuckles on the waist and two on the leg loops (one each).

It has two gear loops in the front and two at the back for holding other gear. Other features include Ice clipper slots, small metallic buckle (back side) and Dyneema tagline.